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Senior Cat Care Tips

August 15, 2022
Did you know that cats are living longer these days, on average, than ever before? The oldest feline on record, a furball named Creme Puff, lived a whopping 38 years. That kitty may really have had nine lives! While your feline buddy probably won’t live that long, she may very well make it to her late teens or early twenties with proper care. A local Ledgeview, WI vet offers some information on that below.


Keep Fluffy safe and sound inside! Older kitties can’t easily escape potential dangers, such as fast cars or stray animals. They’re also at risk of getting lost and forgetting how to get home.


It probably won’t be much of a shock to find that Fluffy will probably sleep through the majority of her golden years. Offer your feline pal plenty of soft, comfy beds and napping spots. At least one of these should have a good window view. However, don’t let your kitty become a complete couch potato. Playing will benefit her both mentally and physically!

Veterinary Care

Fluffy will likely benefit from more frequent appointments. Follow your vet’s recommendations. You’ll also need to watch for signs that something may be wrong. This would include things like reduced appetite, trouble urinating, respiratory issues, lethargy, weight changes, and vomiting. Call us ASAP if you notice anything.

Kitty-Friendly Facilities

Keep Fluffy’s age in mind when you shop for her. At this point, many cat towers may be too high and too difficult for her to climb. She may prefer something that’s soft, comfy, and easy to get on and off. You may also want to get some pet stairs, or set out things like footstools or ottomans to help her get on and off beds and couches. Nightlights are also a good idea.


FLuffy may become a bit forgetful and confused as she ages, just as people do. For instance, she may get ‘lost’ in the kitchen, or forget how to get from the bedroom to the litter box. It’s not uncommon for older cats to meow a lot. This may be their way of expressing their fear and confusion. Just try to soothe your furry pal as much as possible when this happens. Please contact us, your local Ledgeview, WI animal hospital, for your senior pet’s care needs. We’re dedicated to helping you keep your pet happy, healthy, and purring.

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