Veterinary Services

At Happy Tails Clinic we strive to make sure you and your pet are friends for their entire life. We also are dedicated to helping you by keeping your pet healthy in every stage of their life. We offer veterinary services for many different species of pets, whether a dog or cat or an exotic pet such as a snake or bird.

We have services ranging from basic check-ups to surgeries, boarding facilities, as well as Wellness Programs for your newly born pet all the way to your eldest pet.

Our clinic uses the most up-to-date medical equipment available. This means that your pet receives the best medical care in the least invasive way possible, minimizing recovery periods.

We understand that trying to handle your pet, children, and a car, all at one time can be a problem. That’s why we offer covered drop off for your convenience. This means no more standing in the rain or snow trying to get your pet out of your car.

Happy Tails Surgery Room
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