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Keeping Kitties Happy

May 15, 2024

Cats may very well be the purrfect pets. They’re small, but are definitely full of personality and character, and are also quite low-maintenance. In this article, a De Pere, WI veterinarian offers some great tips on how to keep your cat happy and satisfied.

How Do I Keep Fluffy Happy?

Our feline pals are known for being very easy keepers. After all, Fluffy will spend the vast majority of her days sleeping. Just providing your cute pet with good food, a clean litterbox, and proper veterinary care will cover the essentials. However, it’s going to take a little more than that to really keep that little motor running. You will need to provide your furry pal amusement, enrichment, and other feline comforts.

Here are our top suggestions:

Talk To Your Pet

Although we may never find out exactly how much of our language cats understand, we’re pretty sure that Fluffy understands key phrases, such as “Get out of there” and “What are you doing in there?”

Talking to your animal friend is a great way to connect with her. Although she might have trouble understanding your words, she will value and acknowledge your sincere attempts to connect with her. Plus, Man’s Second Best Friend is an excellent confidante, who won’t spill secrets!

Your furry companion may also respond in her own unique way. Talkative felines might just respond with a meow of their own. Fluffy might also flick her tail, give you a gentle blink, or affectionately nudge you with her head.

Play With Your Feline Companion

Playtime and toys are crucial for your furry friend’s happiness and well-being. Don’t forget that your adorable, affectionate little pet has the heart of a lion. Cats are natural hunters, and have an instinctive need to pounce, jump, and scratch. Mastering these skills would greatly improve their chances of survival in the wild. It’s crucial for Fluffy to have the opportunity to embrace her fierce side from time to time.

Playing is not just a great way to satisfy your cat’s natural hunting instincts. It’s also wonderful for building strong connections. Spending a few moments to play with a laser pointer for your adorable pet can greatly strengthen your relationship and show your pet how much you care. Play can also boost the confidence of a shy feline. If your pet has a feisty personality, it’s a great outlet for that spirited nature. If you have multiple cats, engaging them in joint play sessions can foster a stronger bond between them.

It’s important to remember that every pet has their own preferences when it comes to toys. One furball may enjoy chasing a red dot from a laser pointer, while another may prefer playing with catnip mice. Experiment with various options to discover what your furry companion enjoys the most.

Kitty Furniture

Our feline overlords have no qualms about claiming our beds, sofas, tables, chairs, and laps as their own personal napping spots. However, it’s important for Fluffy to have some belongings that are exclusively hers.

The cat tower is undoubtedly the best choice in this case. This piece serves multiple purposes. It provides your feline companion with a vantage point. That is significant: cats don’t have much of a view from ground level, so it’s no wonder that they enjoy climbing to high places. This not only provides them with a favorable vantage point, but it also enables them to gaze down on their kingdoms and subjects (you) with an adorable and arrogant sense of superiority.

Cat towers also serve as a convenient nail care station, offering your feline companion a way to satisfy her natural urge to keep her claws sharp. This will also help with protecting your furniture. If you have a dog, your kitty may also appreciate having some vertical space where he can’t reach her. (We’ll discuss Fluffy and Fido’s relationship in a future post.)

You can find an affordable tower without spending a fortune. An old stepladder or shelf system can be easily repurposed. Simply incorporate wooden planks to create cozy spots for your feline friend to relax. Then, wrap it with sisal rope or carpet. There you go!

Napping Spots

Our feline companions have a remarkable ability to sleep. In fact, kitties can nap for up to 20 hours a day. Having a variety of spots to choose from will undoubtedly make Fluff happy. Store-bought beds are fantastic, and we highly recommend getting at least one or two. Another option is to place folded blankets on footstools, storage trunks, or ottomans.

A Good View

We always recommend keeping cats indoors at all times. It’s a much safer option for them! Once your beloved pet steps those tiny paws outside, she becomes vulnerable to a range of dangers, including traffic, harsh weather conditions, wildlife, stray cats, harmful substances, and unfortunately, certain individuals. Outdoor kitties also have higher risks of encountering parasites, getting lost, injured, or worse.

That being said, cats have a genuine fascination with watching birds and squirrels. Give Fluffy a comfortable window seat with a pleasant view. By placing a bird feeder within her line of sight, you’ll not only be offering her live entertainment but also supporting the local wildlife.

Kitty-Friendly Plants

Plants not only purify the air, but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of any living space. Fluffy thoroughly enjoys peeking out from behind green leaves, playfully pretending to be a fierce predator. Just choose safe options. For a comprehensive list of plants, including both toxic and non-toxic varieties, visit the ASPCA website here.


Lastly, ensure that your cat feels loved. Pay lots of attention to Fluffy! This can be as simple as gently patting her forehead as you pass by, or allowing her to peacefully nap on your lap. Other ways to get that motor going include talking to her, giving her affectionate pets, and playing with her. 

Small considerations, such as giving your pet catnip on occasion and leaving a light on for her if you’ll be out after dark, can go a long way. 

Visit Our De Pere, WI Animal Clinic Regularly

If given the choice, our feline companions would undoubtedly prefer to relax at home and enjoy a peaceful nap instead of making a trip to our pet hospital. Proper veterinary care is absolutely essential for maintaining Fluffy’s overall well-being.

We strongly recommend that all kitties are microchipped, spayed or neutered, and regularly receive exams, vaccines, and parasite control. During the time between visits, it’s important to stay vigilant for any indications of illness. Look out for symptoms like vomiting, untidy fur, hiding, respiratory problems, changes in appetite, weight fluctuations, fever, diarrhea, and issues with the litterbox. Contact your De Pere, WI vet right away if you notice any of these.

Conclusion: Ultimately, cats desire the same things as humans: affection, comfort, and security. It is crucial to ensure that your pet has access to toys, furniture, and other essentials. However, the most vital aspect for her overall well-being, both mentally and physically, is cultivating that unique connection we share with our beloved pets.

Make An Appointment At Our De Pere, WI Animal Clinic

Do you need any assistance regarding your cat’s health or care? Get in touch with us, your De Pere, WI pet hospital, today! We are dedicated to providing excellent veterinary services and top-notch care.

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