Meet Our Staff

At Happy Tails Clinic, our staff takes great pride in serving you and your pets needs to the best of their ability. From the moment you walk in the door with your pet for the first time, we will make you and your pet feel like our family. We know that some times the clinic can be uncomfortable and daunting to your pet and you. Our staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and will get to know you and your pet by name as you continue your relationship throughout the years with Happy Tails Clinic.

We believe that only with the proper education, equipment and philosophy can all your pet’s needs be met.

Our treatment of your pet can only be as good as our staff. That’s why we provide continuing education. This way we assure that they are trained in the most current veterinary medical procedures. This translates in the best possible care for your pet.

In addition, our staff cannot meet your needs without the proper tools. At Happy Tails, we made significant investments into administrative and veterinary equipment. This means that almost all of your pet’s needs can be met right in the clinic.

Properly trained and equipped staff may still not hit the mark without proper direction. Our philosophy of complete customer satisfaction is a driving force for all of our staff.

Please click on a name below to view a short bio of each of our staff members. As you will see, all of our staff has a love of animals and has many of their own!

Elizabeth Nasal, D.V.M.