Many of you are probably wondering why we so strongly recommend giving your pets year round preventatives such as Heartgard, Frontline and Revolution.  The main reason is to protect your pets from serious health issues such as fleas, tapeworms. Many of these can be year round problems, thanks to carrier animals like deer, rabbits and rodents.

The other reason is to protect you and your family from some of these health issues – the main one being intestinal parasites.  Hookworms and roundworms are both capable of being transmitted to people, especially children and people with deficient immune systems.  If you pet an infexcted animal and then touch your eyes or mouth before washing your hands, you could pick up the parasites.  These parasites do not remain in our intestines like they do in our pets.  They instead migrate through our skin causing raised tracts to appear.  They can also migrate through our skin and end up in other organs such as our eyes.  Migration to the eyes can result in blindness.  Get your pets on year round prevention today to protect yourself, your pet, and your family!