Is you dog suddenly scratching all the time? Before you assume the scratching is just a dog being a dog, we need to rule out other causes of dry, flaky skin.  With the cold weather upon us, most of us have turned on the heat, which could also be the cause of Scruffy’s dry skin.  To help heal and prevent dry skin, keep the house humid, avoid bathing too often, brush your dog frequently, dress your dog in a jacket for walks, and add a tablespoon of olive oil to meals.  Besides winter dry skin, itchiness could be skin parasites, skin fungal infections, skin allergies, and/or a poor diet.  There could yet another cause for all the itching: skin allergies!  During fall, a lot of pets are having reactions to irritants such as fleas, inhaled allergens like dust mites, grasses, molds, tree and weed pollens.  There are also those allergies caused by food and drugs, and irritants that have direct contact with the skin (such as flea baths).  If you are wondering weather your pet is suffering from skin allergies, make sure to make an appointment with a Happy Tails Vet to get it checked out.