Why Year Round?

Many of you are probably wondering why we so strongly recommend giving your pets year round preventatives such as Heartgard, Frontline and Revolution.  The main reason is to protect your pets from serious health issues such as fleas, tapeworms. Many of these can be year round problems, thanks to carrier animals like deer, rabbits and [...]

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Is Scruffy Scratching?

Is you dog suddenly scratching all the time? Before you assume the scratching is just a dog being a dog, we need to rule out other causes of dry, flaky skin.  With the cold weather upon us, most of us have turned on the heat, which could also be the cause of Scruffy's dry skin.  [...]

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Dental Disease in Dogs

Dental disease is the most commonly diagnosed disease in dogs. Periodontal disease is the most common culprit for causing dental disease. Periodontal disease describes the inflammation or infection of the gums around the teeth. Dogs don’t really get cavities like humans; they get a build-up of tartar that over time causes an infection of the area around [...]

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