Boarding Facilities

Do you want your pet to feel like they are on vacation when you go on vacation? Do you want your pet to fell like they are at their home away from home? Does your pet need a safe place to stay while you are gone? If so, check out our boarding facilities!


In our dog room, there are six comfortable 3’x6′ runs available, along with dig and jump proof fenced in play area outside. In each run we place food and water dish along with any toys, bones, or bedding you bring when you drop off your pet. Each dog is let out three times a day when we are in the office, and twice when we are closed. During this time the dogs are fed, walked, and played with for anywhere between 10 and 20 minutes. (Must be up to date with Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella vaccines)



In our cat room, there are six 24×24 cozy cat houses, along with a large play area with a scratching post, balls and a window to look out. In each cat house we place a litter box, food, and water dish along with any toys or bedding you bring when you drop off your pet. Each cat is place in the play area one to two times a day for anywhere between 15 minutes to two hours depending on the day. (Must be up to date with Rabies and Distemper vaccines)



We do board reptiles, birds, rabbits, rodents and other exotics. It is required that you bring the animals own housing facility, food and supplies. These animals will be kept in our quiet cat room and may be let out in the play area for exercise, depending on your wishes and hospital policies.



We feed Eukanuba adult dog food, and Iams adult cat food for your convenience. You may also bring your pet’s own food along.



If your pet has medication that needs to be administered while staying with us, it will be done with your instructions, free of charge.